Спрос и классификация WLAN

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Demand and classification of WLAN

Demand of WLAN

The demand and classification of WLAN include the park covers, user classification, wireless voice/video, security and other aspects. It provide a protected wireless network environment with unified user access authentication control capabilities and user access control capabilities in office buildings, employee dormitories, and outdoor work areas of the park. WIFI is an extension of the factory network core.

User classification of WLAN

1. Mobile workers: After the wireless authentication accessed, the system is mapped to the campus network VLAN to allow to access internal resource systems.

2. Voice/video users: according to the requirements, open to some staff to hold the access, After wireless  authentication accessed in each coverage area, the VLAN is mapped to the enterprise voice network/video transmission VLAN, separated them from mobile office users.

3. Visitors:They can only Access the Internet isolated from the campus network.They cannot access the Intranet of the company campus.

      As an extension of the campus network access, wireless WIFI should be placed in a safe area. When WIFI access to the network, it should be considered to distinguish the access needs of internal employees and guests, When internal employees use WIFI to surf the Internet, they should consider implementing security protection to prevent possible terminal data leakage.

In a word, user needs are mainly reflected in three aspects. One is mobile office, Users can perform office work through wireless network ,such as network office and Internet access at anytime and anywhere in office buildings, staff dormitories and outdoor work areas.The second is voice/video communication service, that is, through the VoIP handheld terminal/video inspection terminal to enjoy voice/video services in a wireless way; Third, identify internal and external users and provide wireless Internet access services for external users.


Combined with the wireless network requirements of users and the technical characteristics of GPSENKE technology products, in order to meet the needs of users to build a high-speed, stable, safe, reliable and easy to manage wireless access network, this design scheme is designed according to the AP+AC structured wireless network solution.

The entire network architecture adopts the thin AP network architecture. On the basis of not changing the original network link, the wireless controller is attached to the core switch in the factory to manage wireless AP in each area in a unified manner through the WLAN, and a firewall is deployed at the egress to ensure the network security of the egress link.

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