Undermine Wireless Solution

Designing propose

The importance of mine communication is incomparable. The underground communication system is an indispensable facility for mine safety protection and production scheduling. In the early days,Our country's underground communication mainly used wired methods.Due to the poor underground environment, the distribution of roadways, and many sources of interference signals,The development of wireless communication has been hindered by many obstacles. 

However, WiFi6 technology developed and popularized rapidly in recent years; as a high-tech field in the communication industry, mine-used WiFi6 technology has become an important part of today's coal mine communication applications due to its high transmission rate, simple system, and low cost.

GPSENKE has designed a set of WiFi6 underground wireless communication system based on the above advantages. This set of communication system has high transmission rate,low latency, large number of concurrency, high reliability and high cost performance, which can meet the special communication requirements in all mines.

Design Principle

The wireless needs to fully cover the 10-kilometer-long roadway in the coal mine, There are many mechanical and electrical equipment, vehicles and pedestrians arranged in the roadway.Full wireless coverage need to be achieved.

Lower working frequency

The attenuation of wireless transmission in mines is large, and it is easily affected by roadway sections, branches, bends, supports, cables, etc. and the radio transmission attenuation model is complex and changeable. The higher the wireless working frequency band, the greater the transmission attenuation, the closer the transmission distance, and the worse the diffraction ability. Under intrinsically safe explosion-proof conditions, when the wireless working frequency band is higher than 2.4 GHz, the one-way distance of wireless communication in coal mines is less than 300 m.

Certain diffraction capability

There are many hydraulic supports on the coal mining face, as well as coal shearers, scraper conveyors, crushers, loaders, belt conveyors, hydraulic pump stations, mobile substations, etc. The tunneling face is equipped with bolter diggers, belt conveyors, etc. There are belt conveyors, electric locomotives, rubber-tyred vehicles, winches, switches, etc. in the roadway. The underground space of the coal mine is narrow and there are many equipments,so it is difficult to ensure wireless line-of-sight transmission, and wireless transmission should have a certain diffraction capability.

Strong anti-interference ability

When the high-power electrical equipment in the coal mine starts and stops and when the high-power frequency conversion equipment is working, the electromagnetic interference is large.In order to ensure the normal operation of the system, mine broadband wireless and communication systems should have strong anti-interference capabilities.

Low mobility requirements

Personnel and vehicles moved slowly in coal mines, Therefore, they do not require high mobility in wireless communication. The "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" stipulates that the running speed of trackless rubber-tyred vehicles should not exceed 25 km/h when transporting people, and the running speed should not exceed 40 km/h when transporting materials.

Program Features


The development of electronic information technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, adopting mature technology at domestic and foreign, with a certain degree of advancement in technology, ensuring that communication, dispatching, and monitoring systems are built on the same advanced network platform, with a high degree of intelligence.


Focusing on practicality, in the process of engineering design and implementation, Always pay attention to the actual needs of users, so as to be flexible and easy to use. Fully analyze the needs of communication, dispatching, and video surveillance systems and the environment in which they are used, adopt high-quality equipment to meet security requirements, and ensure convenient, durable, and practical operation.


The system can achieve centralized governance, monitoring and decentralized operation. The overall structure is compatible and expandable, which is not only convenient for enriching, perfecting, improving and enhancing the whole system, but also convenient for updating.

Cost performance

System optimization design, standardization and modularization of subsystem design, under the premise of advanced and reliable, achieve better performance and price ratio.